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How Can Fertility Yoga Help When Trying To Get Pregnant?

Practicing Fertility Yoga can help to embody a sense of well being as you attune to your body’s needs during this special and exciting time.
Fertility Yoga Pose

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, have had difficulty getting pregnant or are going through fertility treatments, the practice of yoga can be a great tool to support you on your fertility journey. The physical and emotional demands during this time are often elevated and require a special level of self-care.

Using a series of restorative asanas, or yoga postures. that are supported with props enables you to hold the postures for a longer period of time. This helps to reset your nervous system and assist you in a variety of ways throughout the fertility journey.

On a physical level, the practice will help to prepare the hips, low back and groins, areas of the body that will expand throughout pregnancy. Directing attention to these areas of the body helps to clear energy and channel intention, setting the stage for a practice of mindfulness.

The pranayama, or breathing techniques, are tools used to help increase vitality and calm the mind. Chances are if you have had difficulty getting pregnant, or are going through fertility treatments, you are stressed out and your body is sending all of its resources to respond to that stress, which is taxing on your system. There is a direct correlation between the quality of the breath and the effects it has on the mind.

Fertility Yoga Breathe

Breathing in a slow, methodical manner helps to lower cortisol levels, which relieves stress, enabling you to channel your body’s resources to other areas of your body, such as reproduction.

Combined together, the asanas and pranayama set the stage for a profound practice of mindfulness and gives you tools to support you on your fertility journey.

If you are going through fertility treatments, it is often recommended to avoid high impact activities, as well as avoid heavy lifting. As you modify your exercise routine or regular yoga practice it is recommended to avoid hardening, tightening or compressing the abdomen, as this can cause undue stress on your body, which can compromise your body’s ability to respond to treatment. Throughout IVF treatments, the follicles within your ovaries are expanding. It is possible that too much pressure or impact on this area of the body can cause ovarian torsion, which is when the ovaries or fallopian tubes twist and blood is unable to reach the ovaries, causing the tissue to die. Surgery is the only option available to treat this condition. The postures in Fertility Yoga enable
you open and stretch your body in manner that is safe and is accessible for all levels and abilities without the risk of ovarian torsion.

This is an exciting time, a time to celebrate. The restorative postures in Fertility Yoga create fertile soil to plant the seeds of patience, kindness, compassion, discernment and of course, a sense of humor. These are virtues to be embodied not just  on the fertility journey, but also in the day-to-day activity and interactions with others, as
daily life unfolds.

Learn more about Fertility Yoga here.

Guest Blogger,

Lauren Blandin

Lauren Blandin is a New York City yoga instructor. She came to the practice in 2002 as a way to reconnect to her mind and body from the dance world. Fertility Yoga was born from her background in the Eastern traditions of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga and Vipassana meditation and her studies in Weatern medicine and training as a Physician Assistant. She uses this training to provide knowledge and support for those who are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant or who are going through fertility treatments.


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